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I’m so excited you are here. Whether you’ve come here with a purpose or stumbled upon this site, I hope you’ll spend some time looking through my page. I love hearing from you, so please head over to the “Contact” page and say hello!

My name is Kelsie and I grew up in Northwest Iowa, where I currently reside with my husband, Michael, and daughter, Caroline. We also have two dogs, Lucy & Charley. I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs, reading, sewing, and staying active. Other titles on my resume include middle school special education teacher and owner of Vinyls, Tigers, & Bears, an Etsy shop specializing in baby blankets.

I first began my journey in photography back in 2014, when a friend and fellow photographer asked me to assist her with a wedding. From there my love for photography took off, and I have yet to look back.

What I love most about photography is capturing precious moments between loved ones and friends. This is why I am most passionate about lifestyle photography sessions. These sessions are less formal and unique to each individual, couple, and family. With lifestyle photography, I spend time capturing my subjects in their true element. I feel these are the pictures my clients value most and want displayed around their houses. Each session will also include some light, natural posing in order to provide the client with nice pictures of their loved ones.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to working with you!


Photo Credit: Courtney Cook Photography